External Signage

Corflute Signage

Corflute signage is perfect for both internal and external signage. It is an extremely cost-effective product making it a popular choice when temporary signage is required. Corflute is purpose built for all types of external signage. Corflute signage is light, rigid and durable. It can be used anywhere and even large panels can be handled by one person. This material cannot be router cut.

Common Corflute Signage Uses

  • Real estate signage,
  • Temporary event signage,
  • Election signage,
  • Building Site signage,
  • Directional signage, and
  • Trade show facia signage.


Material: Coreflute
Foldable: YES Tick icon
Router Cut: NO cross icon
Recyclable: NO cross icon
Maximum Size: 2400mm x 1200mm